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Panels, Fillers & Kickers: The Breakdown

September 19, 2017

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Plan & Order a Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

June 27, 2016



 This week we've put together a guide for planning and ordering a bathroom vanity from our website.


In the world of cabinet-making, there's a few tricks the Pro's use that you might not have thought about.  We're here to pass on the wisdom so you can execute your project to it's full potential.



Overall length: 1200mm
Overall height: 850mm
Overall depth (inc. benchtop): 550mm


In this example, we're creating a 1200mm vanity against one wall to fit this bathroom. Carcasses are 505mm deep, 700mm high and 378mm (3 drawer) + 756mm (2 door) wide.





Download our sketchpad and draw your space as shown right.

Next, note the overall length, width and height you want your cabinetry to achieve. As shown right.

Now we consider fillers, panels and kickers to then see what room we have left for our vanity cabinets.

WIDTH: A vanity against one wall requires a 30mm floor fill to allow for wall tiling or swinging doors. This is our standard.

On the exposed end of the vanity, you'll require a 16mm floor end panel in the same material as your doors to give it support and to finish it off.

Finally, we need to account for a benchtop overhang on the exposed side. 20mm is our standard. Accounting for this ensures the overhang finishes at 1200mm. 

This leaves you with 1134mm in room length for cabinetry. We divide this by 3 for an even look for 3 doors, leaving us with a 378mm 3 drawer floor unit and a 756mm 2 door floor unit.



HEIGHT: In total, our vanity is 850mm high. Our floor cabinet is 700mm high, to leave room for the 118mm kickers and 32mm benchtop.


DEPTH: The cabinet carcasses are 505mm deep. 

Our standard benchtop overhang is 45mm, this will give us our final depth of 550mm. Underneath our benchtop sits our 16mm door.

The end panel width will then be the carcass width plus the door width. For height, you can either finish it at 700mm (flush with carcass) or finish it at the floor at (700mm plus the kickers) 818mm.


KICKERS: Our kick faces are on their way. For now, get a floor filler at 118mm wide and as long as you need. We've added the two cabinet lengths and added in 505mm for a return, resulting in a 118mm W x 1639 H kickface. 


Please note: When ordering 30mm fillers, our program will ask for a width above 80mm. This is for our machine. Order in quantities of 80mm and we'll cut them down.


Download the Measuring Kit here


Download the Sketchpad here